Busy afternoon planning for Term 4 courses

John and students with iPad

John Lee taking a photo of the iPad special interest group participants.

Members and enquirers can look forward to an emphasis on tablets and iPads in Term 4, commencing in October. That’s where our demand is coming from. Everything from “I’m confused, what’s the best tablet to buy?”, to How do I set my tablet up?” and “What are the best apps to choose?”

We shall be holding presentations at our Open Day, an information session during the term, and two formal courses – one for iPads and the other for Android tablets.

Expect to see the full ten week program in printable form early next week. There were at least 20 trainers and assistant trainers participating in the planning session with training co-ordinator Michael Myers.

As usual, ParraPals will not be conducting classes during the two days of the ASCCA Conference in November. A number of trainers will be away at various times, and working around their holidays and other commitments is always tricky, but it can be done.

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