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November 17 newsletter

Four members at the ASCCA conference

Members at ASCCA conference

Prizewinners at the ASCCA conference; preserving precious family photographs; term 4 courses; and more.
November 17 newsletter


Our ASCCA conference experience

Parramatta members with ASCCA president Nan BoslerA dozen members attended the ASCCA conference in early November. Most of the presentations are now available in PDF format on ASCCA’s website.

Deborah reported “Here are some other ideas from the conference that inspired me:

  • From Moira of 2Young2Retire – “each one, teach one” and “there are 60,000 universities for seniors in China” (I think they might be referring to University of the 3rd Age – U3A)
  • From Nick of Microsoft – visit the Microsoft Store in Sydney, they have a “living room” showcasing the latest technology including painting in 3D; they have coding workshops (“Hour of Code”); the Office Lens app for mobile devices lets you scan documents and save them to OneNote
  • From Robert of SalesForce (4th largest software company in the world) – 90% of all data was created in the last two years (driven by mobile phones) and less than 1% of this data is used by business to provide better customer service
  • Also from Robert – Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. Software will become better at gathering and analysing data about you and anticipating your needs, so it will seem like “magic”
  • From Shane of Google – Google Photos app lets you search your photos by keywords – for example, I searched for “tomb” and Google Photos found a photo I’d taken of a tomb, even though I hadn’t named or tagged the photo

morning-teaThe ASCCA conference is open to everyone. If you missed it this year, I encourage you to go to the next one in 2017.


Congratulations to John Hain, Hazel Labka and Ruth Cameron for their success in the Digital Photography competition, and thank you to George Simpson for running the Digital Photography group which has inspired and supported our Club photographers.


ASCCA Conference program

ascca-conference-program-2016final-program-2016-ascca-conferenceStill time to register for the ASCCA Conference, either one day or two. Check out the final program here. Quite a few of us have booked in for Tuesday or Wednesday or both. 8-9 November at Rydges, World Square.

Cyber Security Forum

On 6th June Pete and Jon went to a free Cyber Security Forum organised by ASCCA as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Week. There were guest speakers from the Commonwealth Bank, the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and Microsoft, followed by questions from the audience.

The AFP speaker handed out a useful booklet called Protecting Yourself Online – What Everyone Needs to Know. It’s published by the Australian Government and has simple tips on how to protect yourself online.

  • install security software and update it regularly
  • turn on automatic updates so all your software receives the latest fixes
  • set a strong password and change it at least twice a year
  • stop and think before you click on links or attachments
  • stop and think before you share any personal financial information – about you, your friends or family
  • know what your children are doing online – make sure they know how to stay safe and encourage them to report anything suspicious.

Pete is going to try to get more copies for interested members of our Club, and it’s also available online at .

The Microsoft speaker emphasises that you should have the latest web browser software and download all the latest updates to protect yourself. He recommended going to .

The Commonwealth Bank speaker said the Commonwealth Bank Netbank website is very secure and has never been successfully attacked. He also recommended that you use strong passwords and be very careful where you go online to access personal financial information. He said make sure you cover your hand when entering your PIN into an ATM, and do not disclose your netbank password and PIN to anyone including your loved ones.

Another tip, in response to a question, was not to find software by doing a Google search; instead, go to a reputable download site such as or to review software, including freeware, and download safely.

It was a very interesting seminar with lots of lively questions and informative answers.