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The club encourages members to make the most of their digital cameras. Field trips, courses and special interest groups have been established.

ParraMac Luminary – a cold but enjoyable night out

Last night six club members and a spouse met in Parramatta’s Eat Street – Church and Phillip Streets – for dinner prior to hot-footing it to Parramatta Town Hall to watch the Lantern Parade wend its way to Old Government House via Church and George Streets.

Most of us are members of the club’s Digital Photography Special Interest Group and of course took our cameras with us.  We took some really interesting photos.  Many buildings – including Parramatta’s Old Post Office, Westpac bank, the former Rural Bank, Brissington House (now the Blood Bank) and of course Old Government House were illuminated with an ever changing patterns and colours.  See John Moxon’s photos at

It was just as good as anything we saw in the Sydney CBD during Vivid Sydney.  The blue light-houses which were spotted on many a corner were obviously “borrowed” from the City of Sydney.

If you want to see the buildings lit up, you only have five nights to do so, until Sunday 4th July. Check out the full program celebrating Governor Macquarie’s bicentennary at

A great start to the new financial year

It’s great to see that already, 40 members have renewed their membership for the 2010-11 financial year and we expect many more to do so on Friday at our members meeting.

As you know, we (Margaret and John) have recently moved into a popular retirement village at Constitution Hill in Northmead, and we are still getting used to it.  It has certainly made a difference to me, with less work to do around the place, but we do miss our back yard at Winston Hills.  But we are gradually meeting more people, and what a nice bunch they are.  Very friendly.

Yesterday we letterboxed 409 residents – every household except those whose letterbox said “No junk mail”.  Now we obviously don’t think we are “junk mail” but we need to be unbiased sometimes, and respectful.

There are a number of our members who live at Constitution Hill, and other residents are, or have been, members of Castle Hill, Holroyd or Epping computer pals.  We are not trying to poach their members – they are good friends of ours.  And each club is different, running different courses with a different timetable.
For instance Holroyd teaches Publisher, which we haven’t attempted yet.  And Castle Hill  (The Hills) teaches Corel Draw, which we shall probably never teach.  At the moment, we teach open source graphics software – Google’s Picasa 3.6, Microsoft’s Movie Maker, and GIMP (open source software similar to Adobe’s PhotoShop).  We don’t teach PhotoShop simply because it is so expensive, and we are well aware of our members’ limited income.

Our Digital Photography Special Interest Group is about to have its second field trip – tomorrow by ferry to Vivid Sydney.  Being winter, we don’t expect it to be as popular as our March trip to Circular Quay, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity afforded by this festival of light and sound.  We’ll let you know how it goes.

A good day out on the Parramatta River

Seventeen members of the Digital Photography Special Interest Group and other club members enjoyed morning tea and lunch at Circular Quay after catching the all stops Betty Cuthbert ferry to town yesterday morning.  Most members had their cameras – the purpose of the exercise – and made good use of them along the way.
Even for those of us without cameras – yours truly dropped hers a few weeks ago – enjoyed the day, chatting to our mates and enjoying the scenery.
Maureen Neilsen grew up near the Parramatta river at Concord, and regaled us with stories of her childhood on the river, and the changes she’s noticed over the years.
Rain had been forecast, but luckily for us it didn’t arrive till one o’clock, after we’d finished our lunch so we caught the express ferry back to Rydalmere and Parramatta.  We all agreed it had been a very pleasant day, and were keen to organise another outing, maybe to Windsor and Richmond, to Olympic Park, lunch at the Sydney Rowing Club at Abbotsford.  There are so many possibilities…
Thank you Michael – the new co-ordinator of our Digital Photography Special Interest Group – for organising this outing.
Don’t forget, there are two 10 hour courses for digital photographers, each running most terms.  These are Manage Your Digital Photos, and Digital Photo Stories. Photographers may also be interested in trying the PowerPoint course as well, or encouraging us to run a scrapbooking class.