Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors

A non-profit organisation that offered a wide variety of technology classes conducted in small groups
by seniors and for seniors.

We operated between 2007 and 2022 in the Parramatta and Cumberland local government areas. 

Seniors Learning to Use Computers

Who Are We?

We were a friendly and inclusive club run entirely by a dedicated group of volunteer seniors. We catered to absolute beginners through to more experienced students, both in Parramatta and beyond. Courses covered a range of technology including computers,  smart phones and tablets.  We  helped with programs such as Word, Excel and email, social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and interests such as genealogy and digital photography.

Some of the Parramatta Computer Pals Members

Our Members

Our members ranged in age from 55 through to learners well into their eighties. Some faced the challenges of dealing with poor vision, hearing loss or deteriorating mobility but did not  allow these conditions to be a barrier to their learning. With a maximum of four students per class, we provided a fun and caring environment in which learners could build their skills. Our patient and supportive trainers were there to ensure every student could learn at their own pace.

ParraPals Student Completing Course

Our Classes

Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors, affectionately known as ParraPals, welcomed all senior residents of Parramatta as well as any other seniors who could travel to Granville or participate online via Zoom.

We offered one to one training with experienced volunteer trainers, at times and locations that suited learners.

In addition, we convened several User Groups and Special Interest Groups for members who wished to meet up regularly to continue developing their skills in a specific area. We also ran events throughout the year which provided members with opportunities to relax and socialise in an informal setting.

Join a computer club for seniors today and discover the world of fun, entertainment, convenience and communication that technology can bring to your life.