How I got involved with Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors

John and members at a members’ monthly meeting

A few years back, in Seniors Week I think, I saw a stall that was promoting the formation of a computerpals club in Parramatta, so I completed forms and eventually went to the formation meeting of Parramatta ComputerPals for Seniors and joined on the day.

When Margaret learned that I was already into video and photo editing, she wanted me to be a trainer, but I said no, I’m too involved with the credit union movement but I’ll help you and John in any other way.

Over the past two years I’ve done a number of courses. Courses that I really enjoyed were photo story by John Moxon and digital photo management by Jon Bayley, both are very computer literate and excellent trainers.

Next thing I was involved in helping John and Margaret move 6 or more computers from their home to our club rooms and , with the help of my son Graham, erect the projector screen. So I was involved!

Since then I have become a Buddy to Jon Bayley and I find this very satisfying, helping members learn the finer points of digital photo management and the great benefits of installing and using Picasa.

I really enjoy the friendships I have made in the club, and also enjoy the social times…monthly meetings with a guest speaker and morning tea ably supplied by the two Granville sisters (and others), as well as the school holiday club lunch at Parramatta Leagues Club that I attend with my wife Josie and grand-daughter Samara.

It was at a monthly club meeting that I first heard about Photobooks. At the time I was planning a slideshow of my wedding and honeymoon for our 50th Anniversary party – when I heard Linda Falgiatori from Creative Memories talk and show her Photobook I saw what I wanted – not a slideshow but a Photobook. I joined her class and made a wonderful photobook that I presented as a surprise to Josie at our 50th. Since then I have made about 10 photobooks, they are a great way to preserve family history in a way that will survive for many generations.

I thank Margaret, our Secretary and John, our President for helping to bring ComputerPals for Seniors to Parramatta……….

John Lee

2 responses to “How I got involved with Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors

  1. Hi John,
    good work!……..How about sending this to ASCCA?
    I think they would appreciate it to know how much you and many others enjoy Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors.
    Marg G

  2. Good one John! You sure do enjoy the club, that’s evident, and we very much value your friendship. We’ll miss you for the month you’ll be away in Jindabyne grand-parenting during your daughter-in-law’s medical treatment.

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