Members received our monthly, emailed newsletter entitled ‘ParraChatta’ which contained information about upcoming events, social activities, new courses, Special Interest Groups and general news as well as photos from events and field trips. Click on the following links to view our most recent newsletters.


We have a closed Facebook group that is exclusive to  current and previous financial members of the Club and their families. You can request to join here. Join our group to stay in touch with other members.

October 2022 newsletter

AGM – Closure of club – Christmas lunch – Facebook group – Future actions – Diary dates – Technology updates To download this edition of ParraChatta, click here
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September 2022 Newsletter

Important decisions about our Club’s future – meeting dates – training calendar – other websites – community corner (Photo by Deborah Martin, Digital Photography group) To download our September edition of ParraChatta, click here  
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August 2022 newsletter

President’s report – Diary dates – Training and support – Brain teasers – Other sites – Community Corner. To read our August newsletter, click here. (Photo by Bev Pieremont, Digital Photography group) .
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July 2022 Newsletter

President’s report – diary dates – training and support – brain teasers – other websites – community corner To download our July 2022 newsletter, click here (photo of Norfolk Island  by Margaret Tucker Moxon)
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June 2022 Newsletter

Results of member survey – Travelling kits – Diary dates – Training Coordinator report – Brain teaser – Other websites – Community corner To download our June 2022 Newsletter, click here (image by Hazel Labka)
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May 2022 Newsletter

Parramatta closure – Blind auction – Hazel Gibbs – Training and support – Other sites – Community corner – Did you know? To download our May 2022 Newsletter, click here (image by Hazel Labka, Digital Photography SIG)
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April 2022 Newsletter

New phone number – Office hours – Infoodle – Diary Dates – Training Report – Websites – Community Corner Download April 2022 Newsletter here Photo:  A photo a day project, Digital Photography group (Credit:  Judy Joyce)
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March 2022 Newsletter

Room hire cost comparison – equipment purchases – downsizing – Diary Dates – Training report – websites – Community Corner Download March 2022 Newsletter here Photo:  Deborah Martin cutting anniversary cake (credit:  John Hain)
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February 2022 Newsletter

Granville Open Day – January anniversay – Social Media policy – Diary Dates – Term 1 Timetable – Probus Club training  – websites – Community Corner Download February 2022 ParraChatta newsletter here. Photo:  Social lunch at Granville  
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