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September 2021 Newsletter

Impact of lockdown on Term 3 and Term 4 classes – Meeting with Council re Club premises – Diary dates – ASCCA News – ReviewGeek – Scamwatch – Brain teasers – Community corner Download Parrachatta_September_2021 here.
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August 2021 Newsletter

Greater Sydney lockdown – Help Desk advice from trainers – Lobbying Councillors – Meeting dates – ASCCA News – Useful websites and apps – Brain Teaser Download Parrachatta _August_2021 here.
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July 2021 Newsletter

COVID lockdown – writing to Councillors – Meeting dates – ASCCA News – useful websites and apps – Brain teaser Download Parrachatta_July_2021 here
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June 2021 Newsletter

Member survey re new venue – Stronger Communities grant – Meeting dates – Term 3 Timetable – ASCCA news – Useful apps and websites – Brain teaser Download Parrachatta_June_2021 here.  
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May 2021 Newsletter

Looking for a new venue – Member meeting – Social event – ASCCA News – Best websites for lifelong learning – Scamwatch – Family History Down Under Download May 2021 ParraChatta here.
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April 2021 Newsletter

Beryl Duff – new LEEP volunteers – Lunch at Rosehill Bowling Club – Training report – ASCCA News – Be Connected News – Scamwatch – Acronyms Download April 2021 ParraChatta newsletter here.  
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March 2021 newsletter

President’s report – Premier’s Gala Concert tickets – meetings – training and support – ASCCA News – useful websites – Smartphone symbols explained Download March 2021 ParraChatta newsletter here.
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February 2021 Newsletter

President’s report – Meetings – Courses – ASCCA News – useful websites – Disability podcasts. Download February 2021 ParraChatta Newsletter here
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January 2021 Newsletter

President’s message – Meetings – Training and support – News (ASCCA, BeConnected, ScamWatch, Australian CyberSecurity Center – Birthday Party Download January 2021 ParraChatta newsletter here
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