Forty seniors took advantage of our club Open Day this week, and 17 new members signed up. Lots of new course bookings too.

Our Windows 8, iPad and Android tablet courses are most popular with newcomers this year. We expected that, so scheduled more courses.

Our more seasoned members are interested in tablets too – they love their tablets even more than their laptops or PCs. Popular classes for more experienced members are Managing Digital Photos and Excel.
Six presentations, each half an hour were conducted on different topics by experienced trainers:

  • 10:00 Accessibility options for iPads
  • 10:45 Android tablets
  • 11:30 Excel
  • 12:15 Windows 8
  • 01:00 Editing home videos with Movie Maker
  • 01:45 Dolphin Guide – easy computer use for people with vision impairment