Preparing for this afternoon’s lesson on Blogging

Whilst John is teaching Internet and Email this morning to his four eager students, I am at home preparing some notes. (We had a busy and sociable weekend and spent last week down the coast having a relaxing break).

In preparing these notes, I am using three software applications. These are Microsoft Word 2007, the Internet (Google of course), and a little tool you have probably never heard of called MWSnap. This enables me to take screen shots to place in the training notes, but is much more versatile than Windows Print Screen (PrtSc key on your keyboard). I can “snap” and copy (as an image) a menu or any rectangular area. You can download MWSnap at

A similar program is called Faststone Capture. Do a Google search for Faststone Capture and see whether you’d prefer to use that rather than MWSnap.

I’ll see you (Google Tool students, that is) at 1.00pm. You can create your first blog then.

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