Surprises in store at Friday’s members’ meeting

It seems that the Digital Photo Story class – see the photo – has some surprises in store for us on Friday at the members’ meeting.  What they are I do not know – your president and Photo Story trainer John doesn’t share all his secrets with me!

I do know they are putting a project together.  So either they are going to show us something, or maybe make us stars.  Who knows?  So you’d better come along and find out. The meeting starts at 9.30am and finishes at 11.30, and a good morning tea can be expected since our caterer Hazel is blooming with health once again.

We are collecting Gmail accounts, since we want to set up a Club Calendar with all our events and meetings listed.  So if you have one, let us know at margaret.tucker2153 at .

8 responses to “Surprises in store at Friday’s members’ meeting

  1. The Blog looks good. I’m looking forward to Friday and the surprise……..see you there.

  2. Congrats – an informative and interesting blog – looking forward to Friday also. See you there.

  3. Today I started trying to blog! Is this an experience!

    The next thing now is morning tea!

  4. This is a good blog hope we can do the same

  5. Looking forward to learning more about Google Tools and Blogs.

  6. I’m losing my voice in this Google class and I’m looking forward to morning tea. Margaret

  7. I just got into blogs in the class I’m in.

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